1.Zainab bint Muhammad
Zainab was the oldest daughter of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Zainab was born ten years before the prophethood of Prophet Muhammed.

Zainab married Abu Al- ‘As ibn Ar-Rabee’a before Islam, but then entered Islam although her husband stayed an unbeliever. Zainab stayed with him in Mecca and had a son called Abdullah from him who died when he was young, and a daughter called Umamah. She did not immigrate to Medina with the Messenger (peace be upon him), but immigrated later.

Abu Al- ‘As left to immigrate to Medina after he entered Islam, so Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) returned his wife Zainab (may Allah be pleased with her) to him.

Zainab did not live long after her husband entered Islam as she died in the eighth year after Hijrah.

When she died, she left her young daughter Umamah, who Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to carry on his shoulders when he prayed, and used to place her on the ground when he performed prostration until he had finished the prayer. After the prayer, he used to carry her again.

Zainab’s daughter Umamah married Ali ibn Abu Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) after his wife Fatima died, and Ali died when he was still married to Umamah. After that she married Al-Mugheerah ibn Naufal.